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The Problem with Millennials by John Bruening

Wednesday, March 27, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Anthony Powers
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The Problem with Millennials

by John Bruening


Do you know that young person at work who strolls in a half hour late, casually sipping  their Starbucks, cell phone in hand, checking how many times their latest observations were re-tweeted?   I don’t.  For some reason, society has told us that millennials don’t carry their weight in the workplace, and for that matter, in many aspects of daily life.

I have not found the above millennial summation to be true at all.  In fact, I find that in my business and in  my position with the OAO, OAA, and other organizations I am involved with, millennials are the connectors between the past, and a relevant and exciting future.  

Millennials have been tagged with being self centered, expecting something for nothing, and living in basements filled with participation trophies.  Again, I have found this could be no further from the truth.  I have witnessed young people risk their lives in traffic to help a turtle cross the road.  I have seen them knock on thousands of doors to campaign for a change they believe in.  Give them a purpose and a goal, and you’ve got a fierce warrior on your side!



  At recent continuing education events, I saw rooms full of opticians of all age ranges, and fortunately, many of them were born after 1983, which is the supposed cutoff birthdate for millennials.  One of the most awesome parts of this is that the young people were not only attending for CE credits, but many had helped organize and run the events.  They put up signs, helped with check in, promoted it on social media, brought in the lunch, and a host of other behind the scenes tasks that made these events so successful.  This newsletter was put together by a millennial.  (Thanks Anthony!)

My offices are run by millennials who are excited about the future they have in the field of opticianry, and the prospect for unlimited growth.  My operations manager, who runs many of our offices while raising three children, advising 4-H clubs and a host of other activities, didn’t get the memo that millennials are slackers, and neither did the majority of the other young people I know.  She is awesome, but not the exception; I run into people like her everyday, all across the country.

So…if there’s a problem with millennials, it’s that we don’t have enough of them - yet. The young people of opticianry are NOT our future, they are our present, and I’m glad they are here!

John Bruening is the President of the Opticians Association of Ohio, and the proud father of a millennial.

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